Проект правовой помощи трансгендерным людям

About Us

Transgender Legal Defense Project – a human rights noncommercial project, which was developed in 2011-12 and launched in the autumn of 2012.

The purpose of the project is to help transgender people with the process of changing legal documents and to facilitate the implementing of humane, transparent and simple procedure of legal gender identity recognition in Russia.

We provide free legal assistance to transgender people from all regions of Russia in questions related to legal gender recognition.
We provide help with legal process of changing birth certificates, passports, education documents, labor books, title deeds, military duty documents, etc.

We also provide aid in legal matters involving family and parental rights, privacy and general protection of human rights of trans persons.

The assistance we provide consists of verbal and written consultations, drafting various legal documents and complaints (including allegations to the court). Also, after discussing the prospects of the case and depending on the availability of lawyers in the region, we are ready to represent (in person) the interests of the applicants for documents change in courts, registry offices and other organizations.

We provide informational support to Russian transgender community
As a part of our information activities we issued four booklets (in Russian) for trans persons concerning birth certificate change (gender marker and name), ID and other documents change, family and parental rights.

Since 2016 we also conduct research on discrimination of trans persons in Russia. In our research we assemble the facts and data about everyday lives of trans persons in Russia, problems that they face and possible solutions to said problems.

Some examples of results of our work can be found HERE.

Our project’s team consists of professional lawyers from several Russian regions, as well as paralegals from among Russian transgender activists.
All lawyers and paralegals are experienced in working with transgender people regarding legal gender recognition and have completed the appropriate trainings.

We also have contacts with lawyers in other countries, so if you need assistance with legal gender recognition and ID change, but do not live in Russia – contact us and we will try our best to put you in touch with a qualified expert from your country.


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