Проект правовой помощи трансгендерным людям


TLDP’s meeting with trans*activists


Transgender Legal Defense Project held a meeting with trans*activists from a number of regions of Russia on the 2nd of December 2017.
The meeting’s goal was to consolidate our efforts in activism, discuss cooperation in the light of current events (such as Ministry of Health developing a new medical certificate for legal gender recognition) and receive feedback about our work from regional activists.

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UN Committee urges Russia to simplify legal gender recognition


“The Committee recommends that the State party <...> put in place a quick, transparent and accessible procedure of legal gender recognition, to facilitate the enjoyment of the Covenant rights by transgender persons.”

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Russian Ministry of Health finally develops a new form for medical certificate for transgender people


Now that the form for the certificate is finally being developed, the legal gender recognition process should, in theory, become much simpler and faster for Russian transgender people. However, even on this stage of development, there is a large number of concerns and questions.

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The Financial Situation of Transgender People in Russia: Survey Results


We are pleased to share with you the results of our recent online survey concerning the financial situation of transgender people in Russia. The anonymous survey was carried out via the social media with 386 participants.   11,4% of our respondents confessed struggling to pay for food. 31,6% admitted having sufficient means for groceries, but […]

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Our report on discrimination in Russia is out!


The English version of our report on discrimination in Russia is available for reading and download.
At present, trans people in Russia face daily discrimination in case their appearance and ID do not match…

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Our new legal victories


We would like to share the information about several legal cases recently won by our lawyers, concerning gender recognition in Russia.

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