Проект правовой помощи трансгендерным людям

Our report on discrimination in Russia is out!


The English version of our report on discrimination in Russia is available for reading and download.

At present, trans people in Russia face daily discrimination in case their appearance and ID do not match.
Since a swift, transparent and accessible legal gender recognition procedure for trans people in Russia does not exist, the process of obtaining a new ID may take up to several years. In this period, transgender people have no choice but to use ID that neither matches their appearance nor reflects their gender identity.

Our report is based on the results of the 2016 research, closely focused on the situation that transgender people have to face because of the impossibility or difficulty in quickly obtaining legal gender recognition.

Cases of both overt denial of various services or employment and cases of extreme disrespect caused by unmatching ID and/or the affected person’s transgender status have been taken into account.

The monitoring database contains 120 cases of of transgender people’s rights abuses.

The link to our report is HERE.


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